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ZENSO Weight Management can help achieve ideal weight by regulating body mechanisms with Kurozu essence, designed for healthier eating habits and lifestyles.

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Struggle with weight, body fat or fret over your body shape ?

#zenso 30 days weight management solution

Manage your weight with natural nutrients following the Kurozu-eating culture. Comes with 4 comprehensive Kurozu products: ZENSO Weight Management Programme able to achieve a healthy weight loss journey and manage your weight from 4 main factors: carbs, fats, calorie and most importantly edema symptom.


What is ZENSO Advance ?

Zenso Advance is the ultimate weight loss solution amongst the rest of Zenso package. Zenso Advance package includes the Kuro Daitto, Kuro Mizu, Kuro Shuga, and Kuro Oiru that provides you the truly comprehensive support throughout your weight loss journey. Zenso Advance provides more meal replacements, promoting stricter calorie control for faster weight loss. It helps to promote fat burn, regulate body metabolism, and curbing appetite to reduce calorie intake. As well as providing you the benefit of reduce puffiness (relieve edema symptoms) in this package. 

What is ZENSO Lite ?

Zenso Lite is the alternative weight loss solution other than Zenso Advance. Zenso Lite package include Kuro Daitto, Kuro Shuga, and Kuro Oiru. Zenso Lite is a good choice for those who have already achieved weight loss goals and want to maintain them with a more flexible plan. It can also be suitable for those who find a stricter plan challenging. Therefore, Zenso Lite allows for more regular meals, making it potentially easier to stick with in the long term.

What is ZENSO Keep Burn Set ?

Zenso Keep Burn Set is a weight management product offered by Wellous Zenso. Zenso Keep Burn Set includes three main products: Kuro Mizu, Kuro Oiru and Kuro Shuga. It’s highly recommend and suitable for a person who have taken Zenso Advance or Zenso Lite before. This package can continuously provide nutrients to the existing Zenso customers or more suitable for those looking for a more comprehensive weight management approach beyond just calorie restriction.

Individual Product in ZENSO Package

KURO DAITTO - Meal Replacement

Control cravings, reduce calories intake without losing your body protein and nutrients. Kuro Daitto is designed to keep your appetite in check while replenish your daily nutrients. Moreover, it promotes a healthy bowel movement for your digestive system. Kuro Daitto is included in Zenso Advance and Zenso Lite package.


KURO MIZU - Diuretic Formula

Diuretic beverage to keep reduce water retention and bloating (puffiness). Kuro Mizu effectively helps you to eliminate excessive sodium and fluids thus reducing uncomfortable edema symptoms. Kuro Mizu is included in Zenso Advance and Zenso Keep Burn Set ONLY.


KURO OIRU - Fat Block Formula

The formula of Zenso Kuro Oiru helps to promote fat burning and metabolism, inhibit fat synthesis and absorption, and suppress appetite without losing your daily vitamin and nutrients . Kuro Oiru is included in all Zenso packages.


KURO SHUGA - Carb Block Formula

Stay in control of your daily carb intake. Zenso Kuro Shuga helps to inhibit the digestion and absorption of sugar, starch, and fat. This can potentially help with weight management by reducing calorie intake from these sources. Kuro Shuga is included in all Zenso packages.

30 Days


Time to discover best version of yourself with right attitude, correct lifestyle with right solution.


1 - 14 days weight loss phase

You will be loss significant amount of weight during the first two weeks, and changes in your physical appearances as well. Most weight loss come from water, stored carbohydrates, protein and small amount of body fat.

In this phase, you may experience hunger cravings, fatigue, dizzy, mood swings, constipation or watery stools due to changes in the diet.

Factors such as age, gender and physical activity level may influence the rate of weight loss.


15 - 23 days adaptation phase

From third week onwards, there will be little to no weight loss or minor weight gain.

This is due to metabolic adaptation that decreases your body metabolism and the number of calories you burn. Your body is actually burning more fat at this phase.

Many of people may be frustrating or easily give up during this phase as not much result is seen but we encourage to stay persistence for better outcome.


15 - 23 days adaptation phase

As you have adapted to the new diet , your body may feel more energetic by now, hence it is time to start doing exercises to stimulate muscle growth and reduce muscle loss.

Other than maintaining the desired body shape, muscles can also reduce the risk of weight-loss rebound.

The number on the scale does not really matter because your body composition is improving, and muscle tissues are denser than fat tissues.


24 - 30 days maintenance phase

On an average, it takes 21 days to build a habit. Hence you should be used to new diet and lifestyle by now. Continuous weight loss is possible as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

This is a crucial stage where you should not revert to your previous diet and habits. Continue to practise a healthy diet and active lifestyle to better manage your weight and physical well-being in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

Zenso weight management solution is a programme that helps you lose weight healthily through improving your body composition rather than just reducing numbers on your scale. Our program utilizes a holistic approach to weight management consisting of dietary guidelines, meal plans, exercise guides, and Zenso is inspired by the Japanese black vinegar, Kurozu. There are altogether 4 s: KuroMizu, KuroShuga, KuroOiru, and KuroDaitto, all formulated with Kurozu and numerous other patented and branded ingredients proven to keep your body weight healthy through 4 scientific methods: (1) reduce ingestion, (2) reduce absorption, (3) enhance metabolism and (4) reduce accumulation

Kurozu is a kind of black vinegar produced in Kagoshima, Japan with over 200 years of brewing history. Kurozu is made through fermentation premium rice in natural alkaline water, making it rich in amino acids that are not present in most kinds of vinegar. It also contains a lot of vitamins, minerals and organic acids that cannot be synthesized by the human body. Kurozu mainly enhances the metabolism of sugar and fat in our body, making it really beneficial in the weight management process.

We recommend first-time users to start with Zenso Advance to achieve optimum results in weight management. For maintenance purposes, customers will be recommended Zenso Lite after achieving their ideal weight and body composition

You can expect a reduction in weight and body fat within one month of consumption. Besides that, you should also expect to see reductions in the circumferences of waist, hip, arms and thighs. Some of the customers would also observe improvements on their health conditions, e.g. more energetic, better sleep quality, mood, or skin conditions, lesser cravings for food etc.

Since the products of Zenso series are drug-free, there will not be any side effects on the long-term consumers of Zenso. However, during the course of weight management, customers that are taking Zenso might experience a few common bodily reactions including dizziness during the first few days, lesser defecation due to little solid food intake, disruption of menstrual cycle due to body fat reduction, slight dehydration due to diuretics etc. However, these common bodily reactions will subside after the body adapts to the weight management program

The ‘rebound effect’ happens when a caloric deficit diet is not maintained after achieving the targeted weight in a weight loss program. In Zenso, we hope to inspire change in a person’s lifestyle instead of just helping consumers achieve weight loss. We recommend maintaining a healthy lifestyle through consuming sufficient nutrients and engaging in frequent physical exercises even after achieving your targeted weight, which can effectively prevent a rebound effect.

Definitely. We highly encourage our customers to continue with the Zenso Maintenance Package even after they have achieved their targeted body weight.


If your calorie intake is less than your total energy expenditure, you will not gain weight. However, a diet that is high in sugar or unhealthy fats pose great risks of getting high blood glucose and cholesterol, which contributes towards the development of visceral fats, which is also known as skinny fat.


This varies from one person to another due to their differences in genetic and body composition. For some, their breast size remains unchanged even after slimming down. However, due to the fact that our breasts mainly consist of fat tissues, some might experience a reduction in breast size when their body weight and body fats are reduced.


It is normal to feel hungry during the first few days on the Zenso weight management program. You can eat some food to provide sufficient energy to support your daily activities. It is advisable to consume foods that are high in protein (eg: eggs, tofu, lean chicken, fish) or dietary fibre (e.g. vegetables and low-sugar fruits) as these foods can provide greater satiety to the body. For a more detailed dietary guideline, you may refer to the booklet that comes with your Zenso products.

Constipation can happen when there is a huge change in your dietary habits. Besides, you have already reduced your intake of solid foods while you are on Zenso, which automatically leads to lesser stools. To resolve this problem, we recommend that you take sufficient water (2-3L/day) and high fiber foods such as vegetables and fruits to bulk up your stools so that it can be passed out easily.


People who practise a ketogenic diet are required to control their carbohydrate intake between 20-50 grams daily. The carbohydrate content for each is: KuroDaitto (chocolate) – 10g/serving, KuroDaitto (vanilla) – 11.4g/serving, KuroMizu – 1.8g/sachet, KuroShuga – 0.9g/tablet, KuroOiru – 0.9g/tablet. Both Zenso Advance and Zenso Lite plans do not exceed the ketogenic diet’s daily carbohydrate intake restrictions. Even though Zenso is not specially formulated for ketogenic diets, the Zenso weight management programme is still suitable for the people who are practising ketogenic diet.

Zenso is a complete weight management solution that consists of 4 products in a series. KuroDaitto, KuroShuga, KuroOiru and KuroMizu work on different aspects and synergistically help to achieve healthy weight and body composition.

Zenso series are safe for consumption. Every batch undergoes a stringent quality check done by external accredited laboratories that tests for heavy metals and microorganisms to ensure the products’ safety and quality. All our products are carefully manufactured in a GMP and HACCP certified facility. Safety and quality are of our utmost priority, so only the best products will reach our customers.

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