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Relazz Deep Sleep Beverage helps improve sleep quality that could lead to better mental and physical well-being including a better mood and wakefulness.

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Sleep deprived due to accumulated sleep debt ?

#relazz stress & poor sleep quality

Relazz Deep Sleep Beverage is a ready-to-drink kiwi flavoured beverage rich in patented ingredients known for calming, relaxing & sedative properties that helps with reducing stress & anxiety, including a feel-good mood and giving deep relaxing quality sleep. World’s first patented functional food formulated to aid in getting that Perfect Relaxed Blissful Sleep, backed over 300 research papers.

Amazing Benefits in Every Sachet of RELAZZ !


Improving sleep quality & stress management


Relief anxiety & boost good mood

Relieve mental fatigue & restlessness


Increase alertness upon waking up


Reducing insomnia & depression symptoms


Help to boost mental focus for next day

Peek Inside RELAZZ - Made with Patented

Lactium®️ Milk Protein Hydrolysate

Improve sleep quality by reducing stress & anxiety levels

Sour Date Seed Extract

Nourishes the two organs responsible for sleep, the liver and heart

Fermented Rice Germ Extract

Helps with reducing insomnia & depression symptoms


Improve sleep quality, reducing stress & alleviating anxiety


Relieve sleep disturbance & reduce psychological stress

Fact and Direction of Use

Serving per Box : 20 sachets
Serving size : 1 sachet 20 ml

Allergen Information

Suitable for Lactose Intolerance. Not suitable for Vegans, or food sensitivity to citrus & tropical fruits – kiwi, oranges, lemon, pineapple, mango, etc.

Suggested Use

Take 1 sachet everyday 1 hour before bed. Ready-to-drink botanical beverage. Shake well before consumption. Consult a medical doctor before taking this or any other nutritional supplement if you are pregnant, nursing, have or suspect a medical conditions. Store in cool or dry place.

relazz deep sleep beverage

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. RELAZZ provide other benefit as well, such as it boost mood, reduce conditions that affect sleep (such as anxiety and stress management), relieve mental fatigue and increase alertness upon waking up.

Rest assured RELAZZ is safe for consumption. Every batch of RELAZZ production undergoes stringent quality checking for heavy metal and microorganism tests from external accredited laboratory in a GMP, HACCP and MeSTI certified facility. Safety and quality are our utmost priority and we assure only the best products reach our customers.

Lactium has shown to be physiologically effective about 1 hour after the consumption. Nevertheless, a real sensation of well-being frequently appears after one week to 15 days. However, please be noted that the effectiveness may vary from individuals, certain people might take longer time to see the effect.

To date, there are no known or reported side effects of RELAZZ since it is not a drug. Other than that, Lactium®️ is also tested and proven to be free from side effects. In particular, Lactium®️ does not include addiction, tolerance, memory loss, disinhibition nor sedation.

You may try 1 hour before bedtime, however if you have stomach discomfort after taking RELAZZ, we recommend you to take RELAZZ after dinner.

We recommend RELAZZ to be taken 2 hours apart your medicine.

RELAZZ is verified by third party laboratory, ALS, proven that it is free from lactose.

Yes, however, please be reminded to monitor blood pressure at a normal level, RELAZZ may help to manage blood pressure level, hence for those who is taking medicine to lower their blood pressure might have the risk of low blood pressure, hence we recommend to monitor the blood pressure from time to time.

Yes, so far there is unknown interaction of the ingredients in RELAZZ with blood thinner medicine, however, if customer is experiencing bruises or gum bleeding, please stop for the moment and reduce the dosage of RELAZZ. If symptoms persist, we recommend customer to consult a doctor.

Yes, however do not stop taking the medicine prescribed by doctor. RELAZZ is a functional food that help a person to manage stress and sleep over a long period of time, it does not provide a strong effect as compared to drugs.

Yes. As RELAZZ does not contain added sugar, 1 sachet of RELAZZ contains only 0.6g of natural sugar from the juice powder, hence it will not cause sugar spike and is suitable for diabetic patients.

You may consume RELAZZ before drinking alcoholic beverage to allow RELAZZ to have better absoption.

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