FRUSSO fiber is a detox drink that helps with indigestion or constipation. It assists with excretion of toxins in the intestine for better skin and overall health.

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Struggling with Bloating, Constipation, and Sluggish Digestion ?

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Forget chalky cleanses and bland detoxes. FRUSSO Fiber comes in four mouthwatering flavors – Mango, Peach. Passion Fruit and Lemon – making healthy choices a delight. Packed with natural fiber, FRUSSO helps you fuller for longer, reducing cravings and aiding weight loss efforts. FRUSSO gently support your body’s natural detoxifications process, promoting regularly and relieving occasional constipation. A healthy gut is key to overall well-being, FRUSSO helps promote a healthy digestion system, leading to better nutrient absorption and increase energy levels.

Amazing Benefits in Every Sachet of FRUSSO Fiber !

Relieving Constipation

By discharging enterotoxins

Overall Weight Management

By increase satiety

Natural Weight Loss

By managing growing waistlines

Improve Bowel Movement

By enhancing digestion

Enhancing Appearance

By addressing skin concerns

Eliminating Bad Breathe

By promoting oral freshness

Peek Inside FRUSSO - Made with Patented


Preventing the accumulation of visceral fats in the body

Psyllium Husk

Beneficial to the growth of intestinal probiotics for gut health


Aids in reproduction of good bacteria in the intestines

Palm Fiber

Lower blood pressure and help prevent thrombosis and atherosclerosis

Fact and Direction of Use

Serving per Box: 20 sachets. 4 Flavors – Mango, Passion Fruit, Lemon & Peach.
Serving size: 1-2 sachet(s)

Mix well with 150ml of lukewarm water. Suggested to consume it before going to bed so that you can go toilet easily for defecation the next morning. In addition, for maintaining body weight or lose weight can take it before meals to suppress hunger therefore reducing food intake.

Other Ingredients included in FRUSSO Fiber

  • Fructose
  • Maltodextrinย 
  • Cassia Extract

Frequently Asked Questions

FRUSSO is rich in dietary fiber and can accelerate bowel movements. FRUSSO also contains prebiotics that help probiotics grow in the intestines and keep the gut healthy, which in turn helps reduce the risk of colon cancer. In addition, dietary fiber in FRUSSO can also increase satiety, and taking it before meals can help control weight. Long-term consumption of dietary fiber can also control blood sugar and blood lipids to prevent chronic diseases.

It is safe to consume, because it is all natural and does not contain any drug, and doesn’t cause any side effects or dependence.

It is recommended to continue taking (1 sachet per day or 1 sachet per 2 days) to supplement the dietary fiber you need. FRUSSO’s function is not only to help in defecation, but also to help maintain intestinal health and prevent chronic diseases such as colon cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and so on.

Definitely can. To gain weight, firstly we need to make sure that the bowel function remains optimal for more effective absorption of nutrients in the food. FRUSSO helps remove unwanted residues from the gut and helps prebiotics growth and create a good intestinal environment.

Can. The ingredients of FRUSSO are all derived from plants, without any animal-based ingredients, so it is suitable for vegetarians.

If the customer is taking mineral supplements such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, or iron, they must be taken at least two hours apart because high fiber would reduce the absorption rate of minerals in the intestines.

It depends on personal preference. Mix FRUSSO with juice or yogurt can further improve bowel movements. But make sure that FRUSSO is completely dissolved in the beverage.

Usually customers will have bowel movement after 8 hours of conusmption.

A small number of people who take FRUSSO will have a healing crisis of detoxification, such as stomach cramp, but these symptoms will be resolved after defecation.

Can. FRUSSO does not contain sucrose or glucose, only a small amount of fructose, and fructose does not spike of blood sugar, so taking 1 or 2 sachets of FRUSSO per day does not affect the blood sugar of diabetic patients. In addition, dietary fiber in FRUSSO can also help delay the absorption of sugar and prevent the sudden increase of blood sugar.

FRUSSO is manufactured by a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified factory in Malaysia. It contains palm fiber which is one of the unique plants in Malaysia. FRUSSO also contains other patented ingredient from Japan and Europe, including Fibersol-2, Inulin, Psyllium Husk and Dietary Fiber, to provide the best effect of detoxification to the customers.

FRUSSO contains very low calories, a pack of FRUSSO only consists of 15-21kcal, therefore people who want to control calorie intake can take it with ease.

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