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D-VINE Collagen chewable tablet derived from natural ingredients that can help improve skin complexion and enhance skin radiance.

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Frustrating to fight against acne and uneven skin tone ?

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D-VINE Collagen is a revolutionary health companion that offers a unique of combination of whitening and moisture boost effects. It contains a carefully balanced blend of natural ingredients designed to help you achieve a brighter, smoother complexion. A visible improvement in skin tone and texture seen obviously, resulting in a more youthful and radiant look.

Amazing Benefits In Every Tablets of D-VINE Collagen !

Improve Wrinkles & Fine Lines

Reduce Acne Breakouts & Reproduction

Balance Uneven Skin Tone & Brighten Skin Tone

Promote Skin Elasticity & Firmness

Protect Against UV Rays & Sun Exposure

Promote Skin Whitening Rejuvenate

Peek Inside D-VINE - Made with Patented

VIQUA®️ Pomegranate Extract

Innovatively rejuvenate and whiten skin complexion

Silk Peptide

Helps to retain moisture while providing an attractive sheen

Olive Polyphenol

Reduce inflammation and carries antioxidant properties to the skin

Collagen Tripeptide

Helps the skin cells renew and repair themselves

Fact and Direction of Use

Serving per Bottle: 60 chewable tablets
Take 2 tablets  daily. Best consumed in the morning.

Other Ingredients included in D-VINE Collagen

  • Yuzu Powder
  • Magnesium Stearate
  • Maltodextrin
  • Ascrobic Acide
  • Passion Fruit Powder
  • Lemon Powder

Frequently Asked Questions

D-VINE has pomegranate extract that helps to stop the formation of melanin (pigment that given dark skin tone). This is due to the punicalagins in pomegranate that act as the melanin inhibitor.

Yes. During pregnancy, the fetus will absorb a large amount of collagen from the mother causing the mother to lose its own collagen. This will lead to dry skin, pale skin, and cause the skin to lose its elasticity. However, D-VINE contains collagen that are extracted from fish. Hence, if the mother is allergic to fish, it is better to avoid it during pregnancy.

D-VINE can speed up the recovery after exposure to sunlight. UV rays cause the loss of collagen due to sunburn. We need to replenish the collagen in our body to repair and moisturize the dry skin. Other than that, olive polyphenol in D-VINE can help to protect the skin from adverse effects from UV radiation.

Yes. D-VINE has collagen peptide that helps to improve the appearance of the cellulite thus improving the skin texture of the affected area.

You may try. Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune condition that causes rapid buildup of skin cells that causes scaling on the skin surface. D-VINE has olive polyphenol which is known to be potent antioxidant that may help to relieve mild symptoms of Psoriasis. Collagen from D-VINE also helps in skin recovery.

D-VINE Collagen is from Malaysia. Yet the 3 main ingredients are patented from countries. Collagen-Tripep20 Collagen Tripeptide from Korea, VIQUA Pomegranate Extract from Spain and Hytolive Olive Fruit Extract from Spain.

Yes. D-VINE contains pomegranate extracts which has anti-inflammation properties that helps to lessen the inflammation. It will block the melanin production, hence improving the skin tone. Besides, it also contains collagen that helps the skin to recover.

Silk peptides are manufactured using silk amino acids which are obtain from the cocoon of the Silk Worm. Sericin found to have excellent moisture binding properties, hence improving skin hydration.

Olive polyphenol is a natural extract from olive fruit. It is high in antioxidants with high ORAC value which has the ability to protect our skin from the adverse effects of UV radiation by reducing inflammation and oxidative stress. Besides, it also increases internal glutathion which enhances the photo-protective effect of skin cells.

Pomegranate extract in D-VINE can help to reduce the formation of melanin cells hence improve the skin tone. It can also block the sun radiation to react in the body and provide a complete photo-protection. Other than that, it also helps to reduce sebum production which will worsen the inflammation of acne. Hence, acne production will be suppressed.

Collagen peptide is the hydrolyze form of collagen. With its small molecular weight, the absorption into blood stream will be better upon digestion. Meanwhile, CTP is the minimum unit of collagen which consists of 3 amino acids. It can be absorbed by the intestinal tract directly. CTP also helps in promoting new collagen and hyaluronic acid production in our body.

D-VINE only contains natural ingredients, so it is relatively free from side effects. Consuming  D-VINE actually helps to reduce the risk of skin hyperpigmentation due to the overproduction of melanin that leads to the darkening of skin. So, it is recommended to consume 1 tablet per day as we’re exposed to UV rays, pollution and etc.

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